Rustic, legendary and unique - the Vogelsberg Volcanic Region

Volcanism and life ... a time journey into the volcanic region.

Fire and water - these elements created and shaped the legendary Vogelsberg: experience the eventful history of the Vogelsberg Volcanic Region, which is with about 2,500 km² the largest contiguous volcanic area in Central Europe. Join us on a journey into the fiery past - in the heart of Hesse.

Geological history to touch - discover countless geological, biological and cultural peculiarities in the National Geopark, which express the diversity and uniqueness of the region. Today, the Vogelsberg shows its lovely side - gentle mountains, small rivers, clear lakes and a diverse flora and fauna characterise the low mountain range landscape.

And no we are no shield volcano ;)

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!!!GeoTop 2021 - Further postponement 2021!!!


Update on the 24th Annual International Conference GeoTop 2021
of the Section Geotopes and Geoparks of the German Geological Society - Geological Association e. V. (DGGV)
under the patronage of the Hessian Minister for Science and Art, Mrs. Angela Dorn,
in the Volcanic Region Vogelsberg National Geopark,
originally from Thursday, 27th to Sunday, 30th of May 2021 in Schotten/Hesse (Vogelsberg district).

New date: Thursday, 7th to Sunday, 10th of October 2021

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!!!GeoTop 2021 - Further postponement 2021!!!

District Administrator Goerig: "We feel the greater demand for nature experiences in the volcanic region".

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Off to Gruenberg!

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The Geopark Harz. Braunschweig Land. Ostfalen extends an invitation.

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