Rustic, legendary and unique - the Vogelsberg Volcanic Region

Volcanism and life ... a time journey into the volcanic region.

Fire and water - these elements created and shaped the legendary Vogelsberg: experience the eventful history of the Vogelsberg Volcanic Region, which is with about 2,500 km² the largest contiguous volcanic area in Central Europe. Join us on a journey into the fiery past - in the heart of Hesse.

Geological history to touch - discover countless geological, biological and cultural peculiarities in the National Geopark, which express the diversity and uniqueness of the region. Today, the Vogelsberg shows its lovely side - gentle mountains, small rivers, clear lakes and a diverse flora and fauna characterise the low mountain range landscape.

And no we are no shield volcano ;)

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Geotope Conference 2021 in the Volcanic Region.

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