Former centre of the FRG in Vogelsberg

Did you know where the former centre stone of the Federal Republic of Germany is located in Vogelsberg?

The centres of the old Federal Republic of Germany included the municipalities of Rennerod in the Westerwald and Herbstein (Vogelsberg district in Hesse). *

Located under a lime tree directly at the B275 between Herbstein and the district of Altenschlirf, there is a large basalt block with the plaque inscription. Until reunification on October the 3rd 1990, the centre of the Federal Republic of Germany is said to have been located here. This special feature was discovered by the WDR children's programme in 1978.

The stone is also used as a cache for geocaching. The new Andreasweg hiking tour leads past the memorial stone in the Hoppals district with a view over the sheep pond.


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Photos: H. Greb (2018)