Homberg Castle - Hessian Heritage Prize 2017

The early medieval castle lies on the "Schlossberg" in the south of the city of Homberg (Ohm). The castle has parts that can be dated back to the 13th century. The residential buildings dating from the early 16th century were restored in 1836. After a long period of private ownership, the castle was finally offered for sale in 2011.

The newly founded Verein der Schlosspatrioten (Association of Castle Patriots) was interested in buying the castle along with a private individual. The association had set itself the task of bringing the castle back to the city and its inhabitants. The work of the association bore fruit and on the 31st March 2012 the city of Homberg bought the property.

Since then, the association has been committed to the "Buergerschloss" ("citizen castle") and would like to make the castle accessible to the public in addition to maintaining the building.

Among other things, an honorary castle café was set up for this purpose. In addition, there are several working groups that deal with various aspects of the association's work. All together they want to preserve the identity-creating cultural monument as a "testimony of the local and regional history" through a lot of personal initiative.

Portrait of the city Homberg (Ohm)


Ein Schlösschen und ein Fachwerkhaus. Hessischer Denkmalschutzpreis würdigt Engagement für kulturelles Erbe. Schlitzer Bote  (22. August 2017). Vogelsbergkreis. S. 18.

Photos: Geopark (2016)