Largest bench in the Vogelsberg

Did you know ....

that the largest bench in the Vogelsberg is located near Gross-Felda?

It has impressive dimensions: 4.50 meters wide and 2 meters high, and weighs 800 kg. This is how big and heavy the resting bench is near the district road between Gross-Felda and Alsfeld in the "Dautzenrod" district.

In the future, it will serve as a unique resting place for cyclists and hikers exploring the beautiful Felda valley. The view goes into the valley of the Felda to Ermenrod with the Greifvogelwarte and in the direction of the high Vogelsberg to the local part Stumpertenrod, in whose proximity the observatory lies.     Users can sign a "bench book" similar to a summit book.

It was built by Rudi Falk from Gross-Felda based on an idea from the Germans' favorite vacation country: Austria. The wood for the bench comes from local forests, an eighteen meter long larch trunk yielded enough durable material for the structure.


Text: Alsfelder Allgemeine from July 25th, 2020
Photo: Arnold Hacke