Farmhouse of the year 2022

The Vogelsberg "Einhaus".

Vogelsberg "Einhaus" in Lautertal - Dirlammen (Photo: Geopark)

Did you know that the Vogelsberg "Einhaus" is Farmhouse of the Year 2022?

The Vogelsberg "Einhaeuser" are characterized by the combining of living quarters, stable and barn on a relatively small area under an elongated gable roof.

For a long time it became the typical house form not only in the High Vogelsberg and also called "Hoehenhaus" or even "Gebirgshaus".

Living, working and managing proverbially under one roof. A way of life that has come back into fashion today and has been practiced in the Vogelsberg for centuries. With the beginning of the 18th century, the one-piece farmstead form has become the determining farm type in the volcanic region.

The "Einhaeuser" also represent the geological subsoil and the origin of the Vogelsberg, their bases are usually made of the locally quarried building stones mostly basalt or sandstone, sometimes in combination. The "Einhaus" is also a structural document of the social conditions of small-scale farming, which had to deal with harsh climatic conditions ("six months of winter, six months of cold") and the stony soils with high grassland use.

The special architectural and socio-historical features of the Vogelsberg Einhaus were recognized by the Interessengemeinschaft Bauernhaus with the title "Farmhouse of the Year 2022".



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