Number three in the group!

The "Northern Ore Trail" invites hikers.

Signposts along the route (Source: C. Plass)

One of the three hiking groups at an information board of the Ore Trail (Source: C. Plass)

Now the third ore trail in the Upper Hessian region around Muecke is also officially opened. On Saturday, March the 19th, the members of the "Ore Trail Project Group" invited interested hikers to Muecke-Bernsfeld. More than 80 participants accepted the invitation to the village community center. There was an official welcome and expressions of thanks from various representatives of Hesse. Afterwards the visitors were offered three short guided tours through the area.


The 14km long hiking trail Northern Ore Trail, like its namesake, deals with the topic of iron ore mining, which was important for the region. Relics from that time can be discovered here to this day. The new route features 20 information panels on the local mining history, which shaped the region and its population especially until the end of the 1960s. Hikers move between the villages of Nieder-Ohmen, Bernsfeld and Atzenhain, and connecting paths to the Central Ore Trail and a path to Lumda have also been established. The new hiking route is another important and exciting addition to bring the regional historical past back to life.  


Good Luck!