New Ore Path!

Official opening on March 19th.

Download the Northern Ore Trail flyer here (German version).

Pump station along the trail (Source: K.-H. Hartmann)

The Central and Southern Ore Trails have a sibling - the new Northern Ore Trail is ready and waiting for exciting tours dedicated to iron ore and mining.

Between the villages of Nieder-Ohmen, Bernsfeld and Atzenhain near Muecke, an almost 14km long route awaits keen hikers wishing to immerse themselves in the regional past. Ideal starting points of the Northern Ore Trail with parking spaces is at the Holzwiesen pond near Atzenhain or near the cemetery of Bernsfeld.

Ore was mined in the region until the 1960s - so you can still find impressive relics from the mining era in the landscape and let your imagination run wild. Was there really a cable car here once? How exactly do pumping stations work? And what is bauxite?

If you want to know even more than what you can find on the numerous information boards along the trail, you can sign up for guided tours that take place on a regular basis - you can find more information here (forwarding; page in German).


Glück Auf!

(miner's greeting meaning Good Luck!)