Review: GeoTop 2021

Geopark News from our colleagues.

GeoTop 2021 excursion participants near Muecke (Source: C. Plass)

The new edition of the "Geopark News" published by our Ruhr Area colleagues comes with a short review of the Vogelsberg Geotope Conference last October. Of course, this review cannot be withheld:

Download "Review: GeoTop 2021" (German version)

Also further presented is the follow-up event - GeoTop 2022 - to be held (hopefully) in May 2022 in the Ruhr region. With the topic "Geotope- Underground / Above ground" the main venue is the German Mining Museum in Bochum. A cordial invitation is extended to all geology, mining history and environmental education enthusiasts!

In the series "Nature Parks in Germany" the Nature Park Schwalm-Nette is presented this time, we also have a book recommendation and much more!

But see for yourself!

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