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Nature's Trail, Eichelsachsen The "Trail of Nature" circular trail in Schotten-Eichelsachsen is the ideal way to combine an experience of nature with exciting geological discoveries. The highlight is the Geological Tree Hedge in Eichelsachsen with numerous rock exhibits from the region. Map overview Download Flyer  
Circular trail quarry Michelnau Originally formed by a cinder volcano, the red Michelnauer rock is unique in Europe due to its colour and structure. A public path leads along the quarry area. From a platform on the eastern edge one has a beautiful view directly into the quarry. Guided tours through the quarry are possible at any time after…  
Natural Track, Hoherodskopf The nature trail makes you curious about the forest and its inhabitants. Many different stations invite you to experience the world from the perspective of animals and plants. Read more  
Geo Path Hoherodskopf Geological history adventure - on the Geo path from Hoherodskopf to Hochwaldhausen. Numerous large information boards and rock exhibits offer an exciting insight into various geological eras. Read more Map overview Geo path  
Vogelsberg mountain cattle - Vogelsberg mountain cattle  
Vogelsberg mountain cattle Did you know……? that the Vogelsberg gave its name to a breed of cattle? The Red Vogelsberg mountain cattle, also known as Vogelsberg cattle, is a registered herdbook breed and today, in times of a refocusing on regional products and healthy animal management, is once again a sought-after meat supplier. But this was…  
Vogelsberg mountain cattle - Sources  
Sources Cover photo: Susanne Jost Photo Vogelsberger Kuh: E. L. Leithiger: „Das Vogelsberger Rind und seine Zucht“, Alsfeld 1895  
Vulkaneum - Vulkaneum Schotten  
Vulkaneum Schotten Vulkaneum – Ich steh´auf Vulkan. A new central meeting point in the Vogelsberg Volcanic Region Geopark - the Vulkaneum in Schotten! On 1 July 2017, the museum opened its doors to the public. This new information centre in the heart of Schotten combines all activities and information about the Vogelsberg volcano area with the…  
Vulkaneum - Download Vulkaneum-Flyer  
Download Vulkaneum-Flyer  
Geoparks in Germany - The Geoparks in Germany are inviting you!  
The Geoparks in Germany are inviting you! Go on geological expeditions! Find out what the earth's crust is like below us, how it was formed, which special mineral resources it holds - and what dangers. As a resident or holiday guest, take a look into the windows of the Earth's history offered by Geoparks: Rock outcrops, rocks, caves, springs,…  
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