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Volcanic Region Vogelsberg  
bild der wissenschaft SPEZIAL GEOPARKS "bild der wissenschaft SPEZIAL GEOPARKS A travel guide to the history of earth"   In the middle of Germany lies the Vogelsberg, the largest contiguous volcanic area in Central Europe. Until almost 15 million years ago, countless vents of glowing lava were spewing here. The remains can be…  
Lautertal - [Translate to Englisch:] Sagenhaft  
[Translate to Englisch:] Sagenhaft  
Lautertal - [Translate to Englisch:] Einzigartig  
[Translate to Englisch:] Einzigartig  
Lautertal - Contact details  
Contact details Town hall in the district of Hoergenau Rathausstraße 3 36369 Lautertal T: (+49) 06643 / 9610 0 F: (+49) 06643 / 9610 20 @:  
Lautertal - [Translate to Englisch:] Urig  
[Translate to Englisch:] Urig [Translate to Englisch:]  
Lautertal - Municipality of Lautertal  
Municipality of Lautertal Old gallows, Hopfmannfeld Half-timbered church, Dirlammen Nature Experience Path Lautertal Cycle route Basalttour Long distance cycle route R7 Seminar house, Hopfmannsfeld Schalksbach ponds Ponds at Hopfmannsfeld  
Lautertal - Geotope selection  
Geotope selection Natural monument "Dicker Stein", Engelrod Former quarry Heiligenwald, Hopfmannsfeld Cliffs at the Ziegenberg, Dirlammen Totenkoeppel, Meiches (clan cemetery)  
Lautertal - Lautertal - in the heart of the Vogelsberg  
Lautertal - in the heart of the Vogelsberg The municipality of Lautertal is very centrally located in the Vogelsberg district, Hesse and Germany. The Nature Park Volcanic Region Vogelsberg offers fascinating nature experiences to be discovered. Here you can still discover untouched nature, for example rare plants such as the Turkish Lilly, the…  
There is much to discover! Schalksbach ponds: Between Hopfmannsfeld and Herbstein lie the two Schalksbach ponds in the middle of the forest. As a nature reserve, they are home to many rare birds and the idyllic location is a wonderful setting for a hike. Hopfmannsfeld ponds: In addition to the Schalksbach ponds, there is also the…  
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