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Muecke - Comment on the planned Northern ore path  
Comment on the planned Northern ore path "The planned route of the Northern ore path had to be significantly changed. This means that the sketch shown has lost its validity. However, the changed route allows us to approach additional objects, which are not yet described in the brochure and have to be incorporated into the final version. The…  
Schotten - Contact details  
Contact details Tourist-Information Hoherodskopf Am Hoherodskopf 3 T: +(49) 06044 / 966 933 0 Tourist-Information Schotten Am Vulkaneum 1  63679 Schotten T: +(49) 06044 / 6651 @:  
Schotten - City of Schotten  
City of Schotten Old racetrack Schottenring (since 1925), Grand Prix on third weekend in August Newly designed Alteburgpark with the only waterfall in the Vogelsberg Bismarck tower Bonifatius fountain Adventure mountain Hoherodskopf Adventure paths Hoherodskopf Eschenrod Reservoir Tour (Premiumwanderweg, Extratour) Evangelical…  
Schotten - Geotope selection  
Geotope selection Natural monument "Alte Burg", Kaulstoss Natural monument "Alteburgskopf" Basalt summit Hoherodskopf Natural monument "Bilstein", Busenborn Natural monument "Gluckensteine", Betzenrod Natural monument "Felsbloecke (Boulders) at Betzenrod" (before: Wildfrauhaus), Betzenrod …  
Schotten - Schotten - the city at the green volcano  
Schotten - the city at the green volcano Schotten - in the heart of the green volcano. Impressions, people, nature - arriving and enjoying. In the centre of the extinct volcanic area Vogelsberg - today covered by lush meadows, deep green forests and the typical Vogelsberg hedge landscape - lies the over 1230-year-old town of Schotten with its…  
There is much to discover! Sailors and surfers have as much fun at the Nidda reservoir as anglers and campers. The medieval town centre is dominated by many impressive half-timbered buildings. More than 60 different exotic and native animal and bird species cavort in the bird park on more than 40,000 m². The Vogelsberg Local History Museum…  
Schwalmtal - [Translate to Englisch:] Urig  
[Translate to Englisch:] Urig  
Schwalmtal - [Translate to Englisch:] Einzigartig  
[Translate to Englisch:] Einzigartig  
Schwalmtal - Contact details  
Contact details Municipality of Schwalmtal Alsfelder Straße 72 36318 Schwalmtal T: (+49) 06638 / 91 85 0 F: (+49) 06638 / 91 85 20 @:  
Schwalmtal - [Translate to Englisch:] Sagenhaft  
[Translate to Englisch:] Sagenhaft [Translate to Englisch:]  
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