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Phases of volcanism - Second volcanic phase, the "chocolate casting"  
Second volcanic phase, the "chocolate casting" This eruption pause was followed by a second phase of volcanic activity that began about 15 million years ago. The magma produced was transported directly to the earth's surface without an "intermediate stop". Since this magma was not changed (differentiated), the chemical composition…  
Phases of volcanism - Versatile Vogelsberg  
Versatile Vogelsberg In addition to the phases of volcanism in the Vogelsberg described above, its diverse eruption types are also characteristic: there were cinder cones that were built up by volcanic products (pyroclastics). In addition, the contact between groundwater or surface water and ascending magma produced some violent explosions, which…  
Phases of volcanism - The Vogelsberg: Once over 1000 meters high?  
The Vogelsberg: Once over 1000 meters high? After the end of the volcanically active phase, the Vogelsberg was extensively eroded. The volcanic structures, some of which were once mighty, were leveled and rivers divided the region. In addition, the power of weathering created hilltops that still characterise the landscape today. These crests were…  
Phases of volcanism  
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Phases of volcanism - Ice Age?  
Ice Age? During the Cenozoic Ice Ages, the Vogelsberg was not covered by glaciers, so that they did not contribute to the shaping of today's landscape. However, the glaciated area was affected by frost (periglacial). Read more  
Rocks of the Vogelsberg - Rocks of the Vogelsberg  
Rocks of the Vogelsberg [Translate to Englisch:] Diese Seite befindet sich noch im Aufbau.  
Hydrogeology - Hydrogeological zones in the Vogelsberg  
Hydrogeological zones in the Vogelsberg The hydrogeology of the Vogelsberg is determined by its geographical location and geological structure. The Vogelsberg is climatically located in the westerly wind zone. The warm and humid sea air coming from the Atlantic Ocean is rained down on the steep rise of the west side of the Vogelsberg. In the…  
Hydrogeology - Section through the Vogelsberg  
Section through the Vogelsberg The hydrogeological zone of continuous groundwater saturation, like the zone of floating groundwater levels, is subdivided into differently permeable rock layers. Drilling in the deepest hydrogeological zone shows that hydraulically independent groundwater levels are encountered again and again.  
Literature Leßmann, B., Scharpff, H.-J., Wedel, A., Wiegand, K. (2000). Grundwasser im Vogelsberg. Hessisches Ministerium für Umwelt, Landwirtschaft und Forsten; Hessisches Landesamt für Naturschutz, Umwelt und Geologie (Hrsgg.). Wiesbaden. Leßmann, B., Wiegand, K. und Scharpff, H.-J. (2001). Die Hydrogeologie des vulkanischen Vogelsberges.…  
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