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Active in the Vogelsberg  
Further planning information and alternative routes can be found on the website of the Region Vogelsberg Tourism!  
Active in the Vogelsberg - Cycling  
Cycling Basalttour Nidda Cycle Path Bicycle paths: R4, R6, R7 Schwalm Cycle Path Volcano Cycle Path Volcano Express - Bus  
Active in the Vogelsberg - Exhibitions  
Exhibitions Museums in the Vogelsberg region Museum "scene" of Upper Hesse Castle ruin Wartenberg Hobstallstowwe, Dorfmuseum Merlau (Muecke) Edelhof, Crainfeld (Grebenhain) Ernst Eimer Stube (Muecke) Art tower Muecke MUNA Museum Museum "Old Brewery" (Homberg/Ohm) Museum in the Vorwerk (Ulrichstein) Oldtimer Museum…  
Active in the Vogelsberg - Hiking  
Hiking Bonifatius-Route The Jewish trail - Vogelsberg (Schwalmtal) Three-Lake-Tour (Freiensteinau) Adventure Trails Hoherodskopf (Schotten) Adventure on the Mountain Hoherodskopf (Schotten) Ore Trails (Muecke) GeoTour Felsenmeer (Homberg/Ohm) Summit-Tour (Schotten) Hessian Cider and Orchard Route (Homberg/Ohm) Höhenrundweg (Schotten)…  
Map overview - Map overview  
Map overview Page under construction  
Geotope Amoeneburg - Geotope Amoeneburg  
Geotope Amoeneburg The town of Amoeneburg is situated on a former volcanic vent. Next to it - on a second, somewhat smaller volcanic vent - are the ruins of the medieval Wenigenburg. These two elevations tower above the plain of the Amoeneburg Basin, through which the Ohm meanders. The Amoeneburg Basin The Amoeneburg Basin is part of the…  
Geotope Amoeneburg - Location, reachability & walkability  
Location, reachability & walkability The geotope on the east side of the hill is located directly on the road K 30, which leads to the upper town of Amoeneburg. The nature trail in the nature reserve "Amoeneburg" leads along the outcrop. The Hessenradfernweg 6 passes near the town of Amoeneburg. GPS N 50°47'43.8'' E 8°55'22.4'' …  
Geotope Amoeneburg  
Literature Blanckenhorn, M. (1930a). Geologische Karte von Preußen und benachbarten deutschen Ländern 1:25000, Blatt Amöneburg-Homberg a.d. Ohm [TK 25, Bl. 5219 Amöneburg]; Berlin. Blanckenhorn, M. (1930b). Erläuterungen zur Geologischen Karte von Preußen und benachbarten deutschen Ländern 1:25000, Blatt Amöneburg-Homberg a.d. Ohm [TK…  
Geotope Bilstein - Bilstein  
Bilstein The 665.5 m high Bilstein, situated above Schotten-Busenborn, is an impressive rock cliff and the highest elevation of a north-south striking ridge. The geotope and natural monument consists of platy-banked separate rocks, with the slabs standing almost vertically and having an inclination of 70 degrees perpendicular to the longitudinal…  
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