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VolcanoExperience - Museums and exhibitions  
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Guided hikes and tours  
VolcanoExperience - VolcanoExperience  
VolcanoExperience Dive into the adventure geopark and experience earth's history and volcanism. The journey into the region's past can be experienced at numerous places in the Vogelsberg. Hesse's fiery past awaits you!  
VolcanoExperience - Where does the name Vogelsberg come from?  
Where does the name Vogelsberg come from? When the devil on the world once again did his mischief and many stupid things, God quoted him angrily to himself. But even in heaven he behaved so shamefully that he was immediately thrown out again. He fell long and deep but landed softly on the thatched roof of a blacksmith's shop in Herchenhain, and…  
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Info & Service  
Info & Service  
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What is geology? - Geo-Knowledge online  
Geo-Knowledge online  
What is geology? - Geology of Hesse  
Geology of Hesse The oldest rocks of Hesse originate from the Orduvizium (approx. 488 million years ago) and the Silurian. The sedimentary rocks that were deposited as part of a sea during the Devonian and Carboniferous periods are particularly exciting. An overview of the geological development of Hesse can be found here. Take a journey…  
What is geology? - Vogelsberg Geology  
Vogelsberg Geology  
What is geology? - Andesite - Rock of the Year 2020  
Andesite - Rock of the Year 2020 Since 2007, the Berufsverband Deutscher Geowissenschaftler (BDG) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften - Geologische Vereinigung (DGGV) have chosen a "Rock of the Year" for the whole of Germany. The aim is to explain and illustrate the most diverse rocks and their formation as well as their…  
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