Amoeneburg - The town on the volcanic vent

Amoeneburg belongs geologically to the Vogelsberg. The 365 m high town on the hill is a popular excursion destination with a wonderful view. The city is more than just a day destination, the visitor can plan a longer stay here. This is because the city on the hill sees itself as the gateway to the Marburger Land.

In the year 721 Bonifatius arrived at the "Amanaburch", the castle over the Ohm (Amana) and founded a monastery. The charm of the historic town of Amoeneburg is underlined by narrow half-timbered alleys, remains of the former castle and other fortifications as well as the large collegiate church.

The characteristic silhouette of the hilltop on which the present-day town is situated was created by volcanic activity during the Tertiary period, about 18 million years ago. The circular walk along the wall which surrounds the town offers a diverse panorama for walkers and hikers that is unique in the region.

One of the oldest nature reserves in Hesse surrounds this beautiful city. The geological past can be discovered in several places in the form of unique basalt columns.

The former quarry below the town is currently being turned into a tourist project called ATMEN.



There is so much to discover!


  • Around the Amoeneburg, the premium hiking trail Amanaburch-Tour helps you to discover the second oldest nature reserve in Hesse. Past the historic monuments of the old town, which enchants residents and visitors with its medieval charm over and over again. On this excursion you will be rewarded with the indescribable view from the castle ruins down to the southern Amoeneburg Basin.
  • Bruecker Mill: Well-known industrial monument, situated next to the historic stone Ohm-bridge. Today the Bruecker Muehle is run as a restaurant and is just one of many resting and refreshment possibilities along the route. Particularly worth seeing is the Obelisk - a peace stone from 1762.
  • Castle ruin/old town: You reach the highlight of the outlook under the mighty walls of the castle ruin. Here you go along to the entrances of the ruin and church, both more than worth visiting. Between the cemetery walls a path leads down to the market square and the market fountain with the patron saint St. Martin.
  • Annual cultural spectacle, including "Night of the Cellars".

Contact details:

Stadt Amoeneburg
Am Markt 1
35287 Amoeneburg

T: (+49) 0 64 22 / 92 95 0
F: (+49) 0 64 22 / 92 95 22


City of Amoeneburg