Historical, close to nature, sustainable. This is Freiensteinau.

Forests and lakes are the flagship of Freiensteinau. Here you can go hiking, horse riding, swimming, surfing, sailing and much more to your heart's content. The "Mooser Seenplatte" is also a uniquely beautiful natural paradise. Ducks, geese, herons and storks have found a home here. Countless feathered guests stop by the ponds during bird migration. Human and nature live here together.


There is so much to discover!

  • The lake Nieder-Mooser See invites you to refresh yourself after an exciting hike or bike tour. If you feel like it, you can swim, sail, surf and fish here, or just relax. Depending on the winter situation, even various ice sports are possible on the lake.
  • In front of the romantic half-timbered backdrops, the village festival and market become an annual event. In summer, the nationally known Nieder-Moos organ concerts are cultural highlights.
  • Rothenbach pond, Ober-Mooser pond and Reichloser pond (Vogelsberg ponds) are former fish ponds. Carps and pike were delivered to Frankfurt. Today, the osprey rests here, heron ducks, great crested grebes and black-necked grebes can also be observed.
  • Freiensteinau is located on the German Fairytaile Route. This road invites you to discover the life stages of the Brothers Grimm, the landscapes of their fairy tales, legendary places as well as scenes and figures of old legends. The hand specimens of the Brothers Grimm are ennobled by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites and can be admired in the Brothers Grimm Museum in Kassel, the capital of the German Fairy Tale Route.
  • In the barn and boiler hook museum you can inform yourself about the historical agriculture as well as boiler hooks and their meaning. A sculpture park also awaits the visitor.

Contact details


Municipality of Freiensteinau
Alte Schulstraße 5
36399 Freiensteinau


T: (+49) 0 6666 / 9600 0
F: (+49) 0 6666 96 00 24 

@: info(at)freiensteinau.de


Municipality of Freiensteinau

Geotope selection

  • Abandoned quarry with barbecue hut near the "Goetzenberg", district of Salz
  • Natural monument "Christkindches Wiege" at the Winterberg
  • Naxburg
  • Natural monument"Steinbruch Horst", Gunzenau
  • Natural monument "Steinwaeldchen", Radmuehl