Climatic health resort Grebenhain

Embedded in the Vogelsberg lies the tranquil Grebenhain, Hesse's most beautiful hiking resort (2011). Here everyone can relax according to their taste. Whether in winter with sledding, cross-country skiing and downhill skiing or from spring to autumn. Hiking, fishing, cycling, observing animals, spa treatments, horse riding or even holidays on a farm - just relax. You have come to the right place!


There is so much to discover!

  • Bonifatius Route: Since 2004, the Bonifatius Route has been following in the footsteps of the missionary on its probably most scenic section from Mainz to Fulda through the villages of Herchenhain, Ilbeshausen-Hochwaldhausen and Noesberts-Weidmoos, on through the Steigertal valley to the Blankenau monastery and local history museum. The memorial trail follows the traces of the funeral procession that brought the body of Bonfiatius to its final resting place in 754.
  • Volcanic ring (Vulkanring) Vogelsberg: Discover 115 km of the most beautiful trails with the best views around the Vogelsberg volcano.
  • MUNA-Museum: In the middle of Hesse, in the idyllic countryside of Vogelsberg, near the town of Grebenhain between 1936 and 1945, there was an important military institution of what was then the Luftwaffe of the German Wehrmacht: the "Hartmannshain Air Munitions Institute". The museum deals with the history of the institution in the Oberwald and covers important aspects such as militarisation and forced labour in the region.
  • Volcano Cycle Path: The Volcano Cycle Route links several long-distance Hessian cycle routes as well as local cycle tours and opens up one of the most original landscapes of the German low mountain ranges. Here you can travel from one place to another with optimal route design: Lauterbach, Herbstein and Grebenhain in the north and Gedern, Hirzenhain, Ortenberg and Glauburg in the south. From the Volcano Cycle Path, the Steigertal Tour theme cycle paths lead from Crainfeld via Blankenau to Herbstein, and the Hoherodskopfsteig from Hartmannshain to Schotten.
  • Vogelsberg Volcanic Region Nature Park: The villages around Grebenhain are in the Vogelsberg Volcanic Region Nature Park. Numerous marked hiking trails lead directly into the Oberwald. Here the hiker will find old signs of volcanic activity, such as "Die Burg", "Spitzer Stein" and „Uhuklippen“. Taufstein, Hoherodskopf and Herchenhainer Hoehe are the highest elevations of the Vogelsberg with gastronomy and a beautiful view.

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