Homberg - wonderfully wanderable

Homberg (Ohm), the half-timbered pearl on the northwestern foothills of the Vogelsberg, was first mentioned in 1065. In the Middle Ages a considerable town developed thanks to numerous privileges. It was fortified in the 13th century, besieged in the 30-year war, stormed and partly destroyed. Many historical buildings such as the town hall, the town church and the castle still characterise the lively face of the town today and bear witness to the importance of the town in the Middle Ages. Homberg (Ohm) has been a member of the Deutschen Fachwerkstraße (German Half-Timbered Road) since 2014 due to its well-preserved historic old town.


There is much to discover!

  • Town hall - the dominant building in the historic city centre.
  • The Homberg Castle - the castle hill was first mentioned in a document in 1146 and was fortified at the latest around the year 1200.
  • Town church - the town church was built around 1220 as a flat-roofed, three-aisled Romanesque pillar basilica. a.
  • Old brewery - the old brewery with the watchtower was part of the medieval city fortifications.
  • The church of Ober-Ofleiden, dedicated to St. Martin, is a 13th/14th century building. .
  • Premium hiking trail „Sagenhaftes Schächerbachtal“ – the award-winning circular trail leads you through enchanting countryside to the scenes of ancient stories and legends.
  • Harthschlucht circular path – Experience on 1.7 km the geology of the region and the tree species of the forest.

Contact details


City administration of Homberg
Marktstraße 26
35315 Homberg (Ohm)


T: (+49) 0 66 33 / 1 84 22
F: (+49) 0 66 33 / 1 84 50

@: abick(at)homberg.de


City of Homberg (Ohm)


  • Fountain Festival at the market square in July
  • Big classic car meeting in Dannenrod im September
  • Historic castle festival in July
  • "Cold market" in October
  • Cultural weeks „Ohm-sweet-Ohm“ from June-September
  • City festival „Apfel-Fest & flüssig“ in Oktober
  • Stein-Expo (every 3 years, in Europe's largest basalt quarry in Nieder-Ofleiden)
  • Christmas magic at Homberg Castle


Cycling and hiking trails:

Guided tours:

Geotope selection

  • Natural monument "Dicke Steine", Nieder-Ofleiden
  • Natural monument Han(d)steinsgraben, Nieder-Ofleiden (situated on the cycle path "Panoramatour")
  • „Rote Kuh” ("Red Cow", shutdown basalt quarry)
  • Homberg Sand Mine (active open pit mining)
  • Quarry Nieder-Ofleiden