Lautertal - in the heart of the Vogelsberg

The municipality of Lautertal is very centrally located in the Vogelsberg district, Hesse and Germany. The Nature Park Volcanic Region Vogelsberg offers fascinating nature experiences to be discovered. Here you can still discover untouched nature, for example rare plants such as the Turkish Lilly, the heraldic flower of the Lautertal community and the Vogelsberg district.


There is much to discover!

  • Schalksbach ponds: Between Hopfmannsfeld and Herbstein lie the two Schalksbach ponds in the middle of the forest. As a nature reserve, they are home to many rare birds and the idyllic location is a wonderful setting for a hike.
  • Hopfmannsfeld ponds: In addition to the Schalksbach ponds, there is also the Hopfmannsfeld pond complex. Here you can indulge in fishing under the condition of a valid fishing licence under the motto "Petri Heil".
  • The gallows dates to 1707 and probably served primarily as a deterrent. Before the construction of the Hopfmannsfeld gallows, those condemned to death had to be brought to Stockhausen. Since the locals took about 100 guilders for the use of the gallows, it was decided after some time to build their own gallows.
  • Engelrod Cemetery Chapel, which was erected as a war memorial for the fallen of the First World War.
  • Totenkoeppel in Meiches is the only clan cemetery in Germany still in operation.

Contact details


Town hall in the district of Hoergenau
Rathausstraße 3
36369 Lautertal


T: (+49) 06643 / 9610 0
F: (+49) 06643 / 9610 20

@: info(at)

Geotope selection

  • Natural monument "Dicker Stein", Engelrod
  • Former quarry Heiligenwald, Hopfmannsfeld
  • Cliffs at the Ziegenberg, Dirlammen
  • Totenkoeppel, Meiches (clan cemetery)