Muecke - The center of Hesse


The gateway to the Vogelsberg - lies in the middle of Hesse. The district of Flensungen forms the geographical centre of Hesse. People have been settling down and living here for more than 1000 years. Whole families of counts settled down in Muecke. Here there are streams, forests and fertile soils. The people understand each other and look forward to every visitor.


There is so much to discover!

  • The representative half-timbered town hall in Nieder-Ohmen dates from 1555. The municipal administration is based in Merlau - the former residence of the Counts of Merlau. The Counts of Solms-Laubach resided on the other side of the stream - in Ilsdorf.
  • Merlau Castle was built in the 16th century by Landgrave Ludwig IV of Hesse-Marburg. It was a water castle which could be flooded all around as needed. In all wars from 1618 on the building served various troops as quarters.
  • Castle foundation in Nieder-Ohmen: These are the remains of a castle which is said to have stood on the "Burgschoan" in Nieder-Ohmen. More
  • Art tower Muecke: In 2010, a new measurement showed that the centre of Hessen was located about one kilometre from the centre stone set in 1983 on the outskirts of Flensungen to the south in the direction of Gruenberg-Stockhausen. But at the Stockhaeuser height about 30 meters before the district boundary the calculations came to a halt and the center of Hesse remains with Muecke. The difference in the localization of the centre of Hessen in 1983 and now lies in the much smaller number of reference points that were available 27 years ago.
  • The Ernst-Eimer-Stube shows works by the painter poet Ernst Eimer.

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