Schotten - The city at the green volcano

In the heart of the green volcano. Impressions, people, nature - arriving and enjoying. In the centre of the extinct volcanic area Vogelsberg - today covered by lush meadows, deep green forests and the typical Vogelsberg hedge landscape - lies the over 1230-year-old town of Schotten with its market and town rights and today's 15 districts.

The medieval centre of the core town of Schotten, built between the 14th and 18th centuries, with its lovingly restored half-timbered buildings, small alleys and passages, romantic parks and picturesque corners, invites you to linger.

The city is more than just beautiful facades and a wonderful environment, also the friendly and open-minded people, who make their city and region lovable and worth living, characterize it. You can quickly get into conversation with nice people during a city walk, shopping spree or in the park.

Experience the atmospheric festivals, markets and concerts. A colourful programme runs through the year, and everywhere in the city districts and the city centre people sit together and celebrate.

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Exploring Schotten


A lake full of experiences

Sailors and surfers have as much fun at the Nidda reservoir as anglers and campers. A five-kilometre circular trail invites you to stroll, inline skate and cycle. The beautifully situated campsite is open all year round and has won several awards.

Middle Ages in Schotten

The medieval town centre is dominated by many impressive half-timbered buildings. The Liebfrauenkirche (Church of Our Lady), built between 1350 and 1385 with its famous altar of the Virgin Mary from 1385, is one of the main works of late Gothic painting from the Middle Ages. Another showpiece is the town hall built around 1512. Alleys, passages, cosy corners and lovely details delight the guest on his circular walk. There are still many little secrets to discover here!

Schotten Bird park

    The animal and adventure park "Vogelpark" (bird park) is located on the outskirts of Schotten. Here you can see not only colourful birds from all over the world, but also lynxes, goats, sheep, donkeys, ice foxes, meerkats, monkeys, kangaroos and llamas. A special highlight for the little guests is the petting zoo.
    In the free flight hall you can see turtles as well as many exotic plants and birds without fences and bars. There is also a children's playground, a sensory park and a café-restaurant for hunger or thirst.

    The Museum of Local History (currently closed, May 19)

      The Museum of Local History, created in 1937, currently comprises 17 exhibition rooms with folkloristic exhibits, finds from prehistory, early history and the Middle Ages. Worth seeing are the small geological section and the valuable cupboards and chest. The huge collection of snow globes or old motorcycles, trophies and films, reminiscent of the great past of the "Schottenring" racetrack, will be of a completely different taste. The Ulrichsteiner Love Letters are romantic, the exhibits on crafts and agriculture informative.


      The Vulkaneum in Schotten offers an interactive exhibition that vividly explains the subject of volcanism. On several floors you will learn how the volcanoes formed the Vogelsberg, how they still influence it today and what role the climate, the forces of nature and man play in this. In addition to science, we also show the myths and legends created by the volcanoes. Experimental stations, interactive exhibits and multi-media installations accompany you through the exhibition. Through the combination of knowledge and entertainment, the Vulkaneum is for everyone who wants to get to know the Vogelsberg and its fiery past in a vivid way. Interesting and entertaining for children and adults alike.