Schwalmtal (Hesse) - in the middle of Germany

The Schwalmtal with its varied surroundings offers plenty of space for sporting activities such as jogging, horse riding, hiking and much more. There are several Stone Age sites and Bronze Age burial mounds in the municipality - experience prehistory here!


There is much to discover!

  • Medieval church with baptismal font (Hopfgarten): In former times the present church was a chapel of a today no longer existing monastery. The chapel was converted into a church in 1734. The baptismal font in the church is one of the oldest of its kind in Germany. St. Boniface is associated with the baptismal font.
  • Natural monument "Gypsy oak": The tree, probably 900 years old, stands in front of Hopfgarten. Due to its admirable appearance and size, the tree serves as a motif for many artists.
  • Learn more about the Jewish history in the Vogelsberg.

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