Wartenberg - Active in the middle of Germany

The village was first mentioned in documents in 812 but finds suggest that the area was inhabited as early as the Bronze Age. Due to the still numerous beautiful half-timbered houses, the villages were able to preserve their rural character until today. Hiking trails, which are easy to walk on even in wet weather, invite you to make an extended detour into nature. Dynamic - worth living - Wartenberg.


There is much to discover!

  • The once proud Wartenberg castle: the Wartenberg castle ruins are located on the cycle path between Angersbach and Bad Salzschlirf. Its origin dates to the beginning of the 13th century. However, it was already destroyed in a feud in 1265.
  • Gothic church: Worth seeing is the Gothic church of Angersbach with its tower built in 1498. A significant work of art is the 12th century fresco of Saint George - it can be found on the inside of the tower.
  • Wartenberg Oval - a multifunctional building complex: The Wartenberg Oval is conveniently located on the way from Lauterbach to Fulda. Regular events and concerts with an international flair take place here.

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Municipality of Wartenberg
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Municipality of Wartenberg

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