Geological tree hedge Eichelsachsen

In the Vogelsberg, most places had one or even several quarries where material was extracted for building houses and walls. In order not to have to remove the ground beforehand, the quarries are usually found on hilltops. Basalt was also mined in quarries near Schotten. The remains of such an abandoned quarry provide the backdrop for the so-called "Geological Tree Hedge" in Schotten-Eichelsachsen.

The geotope was designed in 2011 by the Initiativ Gruppe Eichelsachsen (IGE). The hedge is also part of the hiking trail "Spur der Natur". The IGE takes care of the hedge and the paths. .

In the Schotten district of Eichelsachsen in the direction of Glashuetten, interested hikers and visitors can get to know the varied habitat of the hedge. What is a tree hedge, which trees and shrubs can be found there? Of course, geology is not neglected either - what exactly is a geotope? How are basalt columns formed and what is hidden behind a sunburner?

The outcrop shows thick columns. Due to the force of erosion (weathering and rearrangement), large areas of the lava flow have already been eroded, so that today only a small part of the lava flow can be seen. Further typical rocks of the Vogelsberg are presented along the hedges of the trees. Winding paths with display boards and interesting insights and views await the visitor. In the immediate vicinity, the subsoil is characterised by volcanic tephra. This alternating storage of basaltic lava flows and today solidified ashes and agglomerates is typical for the geological construction of the Vogelsberg and important for the water balance of the region.

The geological tree hedge is easily accessible about 500 m southeast of Eichelsachsen on a small hill, the 300 m high "Struthkoeppel". The geotope is accessible at any time, further information and inquiries for individual tours are accepted under the telephone number 0171/8626481 or also by E-Mail to ige(at)