The information center on the mountain

On the second highest elevation in the volcanic region, the 764 m high Hoherodskopf, the information centre can be found, which was renovated in 2018. The reconstruction was a joint project of the  geopark, the nature park and the nature conservation project.

The modern interactive exhibition on 120m² informs about topics like geology, running waters and springs, local recreation and forest as well as upland moor and mountain meadows. With various rock exhibits, animal specimens, small film clips, voices from nature and many other details, it aims to show visitors the regional diversity of the Vogelsberg and make it palatable. Admission is free as usual!

The information centre also houses the most important tourist information in the region. Seminar rooms with conference technology are also available.

The „Geo path Hoherodskopf“ and the ExtraTour „Höhenrundweg (high-altitude-circular trail)“, which open numerous geological beauties, start directly at the information centre.

Opening hours information center:

May to October- daily between 10am and 5pm, November to March - Closed on Monday, Tuesday to Sunday between 11am and 4pm, April daily between 11am and 4pm