Oberwald-School Grebenhain

The Oberwaldschule (OBW) in Grebenhain has been an environmental school since 2008 and has already won the award for the 7th time.

The comprehensive school supports various campaigns, e.g. "Bienenfreundliches Hessen" and "Wildes Hessen" with various projects - an "ecotopia meadow", flower strips, a flower meadow, fruit tree plant campaigns and a "volcano garden".

The starting signal for the "volcano garden" was given in 2012 with an information board about the local basalt. 2016 was the year to really get going - pupils, the department of environmental education and Grebenhain's mayor Stang all sat at the same table.

The school receives support for all projects and project days from the Grebenhain community and makes an important contribution to the "Sustainability Strategy Hessen - Learning and Acting for our Future". In this respect, OBW is active in the ESD networks East Hesse and Vogelsberg.