Observatory Stumpertenrod

The observatory is centrally located in Hessen and thus in Germany. Larger cities are within reach, but the region can still score with a clear and dark sky. The "light pollution" is not too high due to a relatively low population density. Also the observatory is quite high with 450m and at the same time protected from strong winds because the terrain is in a slight depression.

A seminar building enables lectures and exhibitions and can be used by Astro-Campers after registration.

The hemispherical roof of the observatory can already be seen from afar. Inside there is also a 24 inch Dobson telescope - the largest telescope in the star world, which can be used for visual observations.

The association Verein "Sternenwelt Vogelsberg" e.V., founded in 2006, sees itself as an important, educational cultural institution with a unique selling point. The dissemination of popular astronomy is one of the most important goals, which takes place in close cooperation with the community of Feldatal. To this end, public observation evenings, lectures and exhibitions are regularly organised.