What is a geopark?

A geopark is some sort of a nature park that focuses on geology and combines different objectives. It is a clearly defined, larger area in which visitors can learn about the significance of the geological subsoil for the forming of the region.

The Geoparks in Germany are inviting you!

Go on geological expeditions!

Find out what the earth's crust is like below us, how it was formed, which special mineral resources it holds - and what dangers. As a resident or holiday guest, take a look into the windows of the Earth's history offered by Geoparks: Rock outcrops, rocks, caves, springs, lakes, striking landscapes, but also mines or thematic museums.

Geoparks in Germany

Downloads (available in German):

Poster "Geoparks in Germany"

Broschure "Geoparks in Germany"

Poster "Geoparks in Hesse"

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