What is a geotope?

Geotopes are windows to the geological history. They are defined as special places which, due to their beauty, peculiarity or high scientific value, are important for the development of the earth and life.

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A touch of (geological) history

Discover the diversity and uniqueness of the region. Join us on an adventurous journey through time and experience how nature, life and ultimately man have had to assert themselves again and again.

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Day of the Geotope

Since 2002, the nationwide Geotope Day has taken place every year on the third Sunday in September. Local organizers present geotopes and other geo-facilities to the public with often imaginative actions.

On the initiative of the German Volcanological Society (DVG) in the Vogelsberg, the Day of the Geotope was organized in Buedingen for the first time in the region in 2010. The annual event is held at different locations and with different thematic focuses. From 2013 to 2017 the Geopark Volcanic Region Vogelsberg was co-organiser. Since 2018 the Vogelsberg Section of the German Volcanological Society e.V. (DVG) has taken over the patronage.

Geotope of the Year:

2010 "Wilder Stein" - Buedingen

2011 Castle vaulted cellar - Herbstein

2012 Castle wall with basalt columns - Ortenberg

2013 Taufstein - Schotten

2014 East wall of Amoeneburg - Amoeneburg

2015 Weickartshainer Schweiz - Gruenberg

2016 Quarry Wildfrauhaus - Gedern

2017 Uhuklippen - Grebenhain

2018 Dicke Steine - Homberg (Ohm)

2019 Großenlueder

2020 Flows of lava at Glauberg - Glauburg

2021 Quarry am Koeppel - Hungen-Langd


Hungen-Langd 2021

Glauburg - 2020

Grossenlueder - 2019

Homberg (Ohm) - 2018

Grebenhain - 2017

Gedern - 2016

Muecke - 2015

Amoeneburg - 2014

Schotten - 2013

Ortenberg - 2012

Herbstein - 2011

Buedingen - 2010