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GeoTop 2020 - "Geotourism - real chance or hype for a sustainable regional development? 24th International Annual Conference by the Geotopes and GeoParks Section of the German Geological Society - Geological Association e. V. (DGGV) from 04th to 7th of June 2020 in the Vogelsberg Volcanic Region Geopark e. V.  1st Circular  
The Association - Geopark Flyer  
Geopark Flyer  
What is a geopark? - Christina Plass  
Christina Plass  
What is a geotope? - Buedingen - 2010  
Buedingen - 2010  
What is a geotope? - Geotopes in Hesse  
Geotopes in Hesse  
What is a geotope? - Geotopes in the Vogelsberg  
Geotopes in the Vogelsberg  
Geostations - Museum in the Vorwerk  
Museum in the Vorwerk The museum in the Ulrichstein suburb is always worth a visit. Read more  
Geostations - Old Smithy Gedern  
Old Smithy Gedern The geostation "Alte Schmiede" (Old blacksmith's shop) is located in the middle of the idyllic area of the baroque castle in Gedern.  Read more  
Geostations - Info Center Hoko  
Info Center Hoko The nature conservation information centre, renovated in 2018, is located on the local mountain. Read more  
Out of love for the Vogelsberg Source: hr fernsehen  
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