The visitor can best experience the diverse geological/volcanic beauties on one of the already existing geo-paths.

Well-marked hiking trails present various geological features, natural beauties and cultural treasures of the region.

Information boards at selected locations explain these sights.

Further georoutes are planned.




On the approximately 10km long premium hiking trail, hikers get to know the renowned resort of Amoeneburg. They walk through a nature reserve designated in 1927, discover basalt rock walls and enjoy magnificent views of the region.

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Starting point of the Amanaburch tour as a QR code for scanning

Link to the starting point of the tour

The Amanaburch as a geocache


Mountain meadow path


A unique variety of birds and plants like arnica, golden oat grass or soft crepis characterize the nature type "Bergmähwiese" (mountain meadow). As a circular path, the mountain meadow path leads through the unique nature of the mountain meadows. On eight information boards along the way, hikers get to know the Vogelsberg region. QR codes on the panels provide the visitor with further information.

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Ore Paths


For almost a hundred years the landscape in the vorderer Vogelsberg, around Freienseen, Weickartshain, Lardenbach, Stockhausen, Ilsdorf, Merlau, Flensungen and Nieder-Ohmen to Atzenhain was characterised by large opencast iron ore mines...

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Northern ore path

Central ore path

Southern ore path



Geo Path Hoherodskopf



Geological history adventure - on the Geo path from Hoherodskopf to Hochwaldhausen. Numerous large information boards and rock exhibits offer an exciting insight into various geological eras.

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Map overview Geo path

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Geotour Felsenmeer


Family-friendly hiking experience in Homberg (Ohm) with numerous sights: the largest basalt quarry in Europe, the Felsenmeer, diatomaceous earth extraction sites and magnificent vantage points.

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Map overview Geotour Felsenmeer


Geotour „Kreuz und Quer”


We invite you to explore the well marked circular hiking trail from Amoeneburg to the Schweinsberger Moor and along the Ohm with its geological and biological characteristics. Enjoy your stay in Amoeneburg and the Ohm valley between the former castles of Amoeneburg and Homberg (Ohm).

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Geotour „Stock und Stein”


The multifaceted hiking trail takes you past local geotopes such as quarries and rock formations, as well as special natural features and interesting biotopes. Experience and understand how our earth and its raw materials formed and on what foundation our landscape was shaped.

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Natural Track, Hoherodskopf


The nature trail makes you curious about the forest and its inhabitants. Many different stations invite you to experience the world from the perspective of animals and plants.

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Circular trail quarry Michelnau


Originally formed by a cinder volcano, the red Michelnauer rock is unique in Europe due to its colour and structure. A public path leads along the quarry area. From a platform on the eastern edge one has a beautiful view directly into the quarry. Guided tours through the quarry are possible at any time after contacting the Friends of the Michelnau Quarry Association.

Schedules of upcoming dates in 2020

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Nature's Trail, Eichelsachsen


The "Trail of Nature" circular trail in Schotten-Eichelsachsen is the ideal way to combine an experience of nature with exciting geological discoveries. The highlight is the Geological Tree Hedge in Eichelsachsen with numerous rock exhibits from the region.

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Time Path Wartenberg


The approx. 18 km long hiking trail runs through the village and the Angersbach district. Any number of sections are of course also possible - markings show the hiker the way. Topics include the geology and earth history of Hesse and the Vogelsberg volcanic region, local history as well as the prehistory and early history of the region.

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