Museum im Vorwerk in Ulrichstein

A former tithe barn, built from local basalt and restored in an exemplary manner, has housed the Museum im Vorwerk since the 1990s.

In addition to a changing special presentation and markets, the exhibition shows numerous exhibits on regional crafts and hunting. The small but fine geological department is located on the ground floor. A landscape model shows the special features around Ulrichstein. An elaborate deep drilling in the area of the city of Ulrichstein is also explained.

From the museum in the Vorwerk it is only a few metres to the geotope "Schlossberg", an impressive volcanic vent with castle ruins, the Vogelsberg garden and other special features. Small hikes lead to the geotopes Dicke Steine, Schleuningsteine or Gilgbachtal.

Opening hours

Thu-Sat 13 - 16 o' clock, Sun 10 - 17 o' clock 

Entrance fee: Adults 2,50 € / Students 1,00 € / Children 0,50€