Quarry Michelnau

The quarry Michelnau is unique in Europe in its kind. The red Michelnauer rock, also called "Michelnauer Tuff", which was formed by a cinder volcano, is well known. Colour and structure are unique - a similar rock can be found on the Easter Islands.

The mining technique and history of the quarry is exciting. The Michelnauer stone was sawn in blocks from the wall and further processed. The stone was used, for example, as façade panels or transformed into works of art.

Today, the visitor can discover remaining traces of mining, buildings, machinery and equipment that testify to the work carried out from the mid-19th century to the early 1990s.

Nature then recaptured the area and today you can find a rich variety of species in the entire quarry.

The association Friends of the Michelnau Quarry, which was founded in January 2010, wants to make industrial culture a tangible experience. The geotope, the habitats it contains, should be protected and preserved.

The geotope can be seen from a circular path. It is forbidden to enter the quarry, interested visitors can book a guided tour with the association.

A short tour through our Geostation Michelnau Quarry awaits you here:

(Forwarding Youtube, video source: Verein Freunde des Steinbruchs Michelnau e.V.)