Heidberg Chapel Sickendorf

Did you know...

that the Heidberg Chapel in Lauterbach - Sickendorf was awarded the Hessian Monument Protection Prize 2019?

Surrounded by a natural stone wall made of basalt and with access through a wrought-iron gate, the Heidberg Chapel rises above Lauterbach-Sickendorf.

The chapel is called a Vogelsberg architectural jewel, which received this designation due to its idyllic location, monument value and rich artistic decoration with Art Nouveau ornaments. The original stained glass windows depict symbols of the evangelists and scenes of the Resurrection and Ascension of Christ.

The chapel was built by order of Baroness Gertrud Riedesel Freifrau zu Eisenbach in 1916 during the First World War. Its special history is closely linked to the tragic life and social commitment of the baroness. Today, baptisms, weddings and funeral services take place in the Heidberg Chapel.

The chapel was extensively restored between 2016 and 2018 and is freely accessible.

Adress: Heidbergkapelle Sickendorf, Am Heidberg, 36341 Lauterbach – Sickendorf



Rockel, Klaus; Juwel im Vogelsberg, Heidberg Kapelle Sickendorf; Evang. Pfarramt Wallenrod, without year.

Photos: S. Jost, Schlitz