House in Herbstein

Did you know...

that a house in the old town of Herbstein dates back to 1449 and is thus the oldest half-timbered building in the Altkreis Lauterbach?

A scion of the famous Medici family was born in Florence in the same year when the house in Herbstein was already built; Christopher Columbus came into the world only two years later.

The half-timbered house at Obergasse 11, located in the neighborhood of the Statt Museum, was already facing decay and slated for demolition. Fortunately, the application was not granted and a closer analysis of the building fabric revealed the core of the structure dating from the 15th century. In 2015, an architect from Herbstein experienced in the renovation of old buildings took it over to restore it, breathe new life into the house and preserve it for the ring-shaped ensemble of the old town of Herbstein. After the removal of the building sins from the last decades, such as artificial facade claddings and extensions, it reveals itself again today with its shingle facade as a typical Vogelsberg single house divided into living and economic areas.


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Photo: Lutz Habekost, Lauterbach