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What is geology? - The Geological Time  
The Geological Time  
What is geology? - Geology? It's all about stones...  
Geology? It's all about stones... What forces create mountains? Why do volcanoes erupt? What was it like during the ice age and will there be a new one? How were ores formed? Is there water here and why? Will oil be found if a borehole is drilled here? All this and much more is investigated by the science of geology. Read more  
What is geology?  
Literature Francis P. & Oppenheimer, C. (2004). Volcanoes. Oxford University Press. New York. Reischmann, T. & Schraft, A. (2009). Der Vogelsberg: Geotope im größten Vulkangebiet Mitteleuropas. Hessisches Landesamt für Naturschutz, Umwelt und Geologie. Wiesbaden. Tarbuck, E. J. & Lutgens, F. K. (2005). Earth. An Introduction to…  
Hosts, brochures & more - Hosts, brochures & more  
Hosts, brochures & more The Vogelsberg volcanic region - a versatile and exciting holiday region invites you!  
Hosts, brochures & more  
Hosts of the region Brochure shop Museums and knowledge Literature Events und calendar Hiking and cycling paths  
Amoeneburg - Contact details:  
Contact details: Stadt Amoeneburg Am Markt 1 35287 Amoeneburg T: (+49) 0 64 22 / 92 95 0 F: (+49) 0 64 22 / 92 95 22  
Amoeneburg - City of Amoeneburg  
City of Amoeneburg Old fortification Amanaburch-Tour Radfernweg R6 Bruecker Muehle Historical city centre Museum of local history Cultural spectacle Amoeneburg Naturschutz-Informations-Zentrum (Nature conservation-information center, NIZA) Pilgrim's path Elisabethpfad II Collegiate church (neo-Gothic basilica)  
Amoeneburg - Geotope selection  
Geotope selection Eastern wall of the Amoeneburg castle GEO-Tour Kreuz und Quer GEO-Tour Stock und Stein Wenigenburg  
Amoeneburg - Amoeneburg - The town on the volcanic vent  
Amoeneburg - The town on the volcanic vent Amoeneburg belongs geologically to the Vogelsberg. The 365 m high town on the hill is a popular excursion destination with a wonderful view. The city is more than just a day destination, the visitor can plan a longer stay here. This is because the city on the hill sees itself as the gateway to the…  
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